A Letter from MG John F. Nichols

We are proud of the strong partnership between the National Guard and the DoD STARBASE program here in Texas and the impact it has had on our Texas community. Since its inception in 1994, the Texas program has served more than 25,000 students, many of whom come to us from underserved communities and families, providing 25 hours of rigorous cross-curricular science, technology, engineering and math based instruction to each. Students who attend the Texas STARBASE programs, located in Houston and in Austin, average an almost 25 percent increase between their pre-test on the first day and the post-test on the fifth and final day of instruction.

Our Texas Soldiers and Airmen enjoy visiting with students during their DoD STARBASE experience. In every class we host, Texas Guardsmen work with DoD STARBASE instructors to help mentor the next generation of Texans and teach them about military service and the importance of their work in the community. This direct investment in supporting the next generation of strong, ethical leaders, allows our Service Members to practice training, mentoring and guiding our greatest future asset. DoD STARBASE serves hundreds of students every month with engaging hands-on, minds-on instruction that energizes and ignites a passion in each student who visits. The added value of our DoD STARBASE program is almost immeasurable, both in terms of the relationships participating students build with our Guardsmen and the partnerships with the school districts and the communities we serve.

The teachers who visit DoD STARBASE report that their students all leave the program as more confident learners, and all have a greater appreciation for the ways that our military supports their community, the state and the nation. Evidence-based evaluations of Texas STARBASE students show significant improvements in students’ understanding, interest and ability in math, science and engineering which we know leads to an increased enthusiasm in pursuing further STEM education.

I could not have greater confidence or more pride in the outstanding job our Texas STARBASE programs do in serving the community and mentoring the future leaders of our great state and nation. DoD STARBASE truly exemplifies the outstanding success that can be uncovered with exceptional collaboration between the Texas National Guard, local communities and participating schools. The Texas National Guard will continue to support this great program, and we look forward to the future of our own Texas STARBASE programs and our partner programs across the country.




John F. Nichols

Major General, The Adjutant General of Texas


Posted September 2017