A Letter from Major General James A. Hoyer

Enhancing the skills of and encouraging the future generation of leaders through programs such as DoD STARBASE are critical for the future success of our state and nation. By increasing interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, students in West Virginia and beyond are gaining access to the tools and mentorship they need to be successful in and out of the classroom.

As the leader of the West Virginia National Guard, I have witnessed firsthand the direct impact that the DoD STARBASE program has on our youth and communities in which our Airmen and Soldiers live and serve. It has helped to foster a positive relationship between local communities and the military as well as enhance integral partnerships in education with local school systems. Since its inception, DoD STARBASE programs in West Virginia have helped to raise the interest and improve the knowledge and skills of students throughout our great state in STEM fields. With locations in Charleston and Martinsburg, more than 17,000 elementary students have benefitted from the program state-wide to date.

DoD STARBASE programs in West Virginia and its associated mentoring programs and camps are specifically designed to develop student awareness of and excitement about critical STEM subjects. Students attending West Virginia STARBASE and STARBASE Martinsburg garner exceptional STEM instruction and have access to afterschool mentoring programs that provide excellent hands-on learning activities allowing them to develop and apply STEM skills to real world situations.  In the last year alone, both DoD STARBASE programs provided 140 academies and two afterschool mentoring programs for more than 3,500 students and are projected to offer 161 academies and 6 mentoring programs next year impacting over 4,700 students.

I cannot underscore the importance of DoD STARBASE for West Virginia students and the opportunity it brings for developing the next generation through critical thinking and hands-on instruction in vital STEM fields. Through dedicated and devoted instructional staff and administrators, this program has remained a successful endeavor and will continue to be well into the future.

The West Virginia National Guard will continue to support this exceptional program and we look forward to future of DoD STARBASE in West Virginia and the impact it will have on our citizens and their children.  I offer my full endorsement for DoD STARBASE to continue to deliver educational opportunities to students in the great state of West Virginia and expand its outreach, where possible.


James A. Hoyer
Major General, The Adjutant General of West Virginia

Posted September 2018