A Letter from Major General Courtney P. Carr

As leaders, we are charged to inspire others to achieve greatness while also finding effective solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. The partnership between DoD STARBASE and the Indiana National Guard is one of the most exciting, effective solutions that not only lessens today's STEM gap, but sparks desire in the next generation of kids to become great thinkers and life-long learners.

I've seen first-hand the dynamic learning environment created by DoD STARBASE at all three Indiana locations, including through my own son Evan going through the program in 2015.  But the true value in DoD STARBASE is the transformation that takes place within each child.  To watch during Week I when disinterested, and often disheartened kids, afraid of math, or insecure in their own capability walk in the door; to the difference of Week 5 when they leave confident not only in their new knowledge, but the self-assurance that no academic concept or challenge is too great for them to master.   Put simply, DoD STARBASE inspires children of all educational backgrounds to be excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Thus far over 7000 Kids have graduated from the DoD STARBASE program in Indiana, including four after-school programs initiated to reach even more kids.  And due to the overwhelming success, two of the three locations have opened second classrooms, with the entire program completely full for the academic year.

It is with this first-hand experience and the knowledge that Indiana is just one piece of this nation-wide solution, that I offer my complete endorsement and support of DoD STARBASE. I encourage every effort be made to not only continue, but expand this amazing program.



Courtney P. Carr

Major General, the Adjutant General of Indiana


Posted September 2017