A Letter from Lieutenant General James Jackson

Since 1996, Air Force Reserve Command has been a proud sponsor of DoD STARBASE Robins. This premier DoD educational program offers hands on activities that focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs designed to foster innovation and encourage discovery in local youths. Students engage in hands-on activities that not only provide an enhanced STEM experience, but create a learning environment that supports Georgia Performance Standards. To date, DoD STARBASE Robins has provided STEM curriculum enrichment to over 20,000 students in Middle Georgia.

DoD STARBASE Robins’ vision is to raise interest and improve knowledge and skills of STEM fields of study to disadvantaged and underrepresented students. Since its inception, average student program test scores have increased 22%. The implementation of DoD STARBASE 2.0 has provided afterschool instruction and mentorship for at risk students as they transition between elementary and middle school. DoD STARBASE 2.0 and the Afterschool Mentoring Clubs have also encouraged our military personnel to become involved in the community we serve.

Although the focus of DoD STARBASE Robins is to offer state of the art STEM learning opportunities, it also includes curriculum that encourages personal growth among the participants. Students receive instruction in communication, problem solving, decision making and career goal setting, all of which are essential skills for future success. The faculty also challenges students to give back to their community by planning and implementing service projects in the local area.

One of the benefits of DoD STARBASE Robins is the network of partnerships with industry, government, school districts, and the military which has created a critical community of stakeholders to provide formal and informal STEM opportunities for our youth. It is essential to continue to support such innovative and effective STEM educational programs. It is my hope that DoD STARBASE will become the springboard for future innovators.