A Letter from Joseph Strong, Principal, Redbud Run Elementary School

It is with great appreciation that I write this letter in support of the Winchester STARBASE Program. I have had the opportunity to send hundreds of students to DoD STARBASE over the last many years as a principal for multiple schools. I have seen the benefit to our students and the excitement it creates for math, science, and technology. Students are able to make connections to the state standards through their hands-on experiences at DoD STARBASE, increasing students’ cognitive depth of the content.

One of our division goals is to prepare students for a 21st century world with a focus on communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. DoD STARBASE is the perfect match for us to promote these four skills in our students. The engaging activities encourage students to collaborate with one another as they work in groups to explore the inquiry based content and projects. Through that collaboration students must communicate with one another during the missions to ensure that all students are engaged, productive, and responsive to the tasks. The inquiry-based activities challenge students to think critically while exploring math and science standards that support what our students are learning in the classrooms. Finally, in order to be successful with the missions, students must use creativity as they work with one another and think critically to solve the tasks given to them.

Our students always return to school excited to share their experiences that are focused on science, math, and technology. DoD STARBASE provides resources to enhance the students’ experiences that we cannot easily provide in the school setting. To completely understand the positive impact that DoD STARBASE has on our students and teachers, all you simply need to do is speak with them about their experiences and they will gladly tell you how much they enjoy and benefit from their week at DoD STARBASE.


Thank you for providing this opportunity for our students. Our students and teachers are grateful.




Joseph Strong


Posted September 2018