A Letter from James Heppelmann, President and CEO of PTC

On behalf of PTC, I am pleased to announce that this is our tenth year of partnership with the Department of Defense STARBASE Program.

As CEO one of my obligations is to develop connections between PTC, our employees and the communities in which we live. One way we can do this is through programs like STARBASE that enable us to give away software to schools in order to expose and encourage students to consider STEM career paths.  At PTC we call this developing "the Engineer of the Future," ultimately helping to build a pipeline of engineers that our 27,000 global customers can hire from when they are looking for bright, talented individuals.

We believe that STARBASE is the largest 5th grade Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program helping to advance this vision.  Introducing STARBASE students to 3D product design software and the Scalextrics for Schools programs offer a great opportunity to understand and use the technology that could solve the next great complex engineering problems -- like energy independence, automotive safety and clean water supplies. 

I think it's great the STARBASE and STARBASE 2.0 programs are provided to 5th grade through middle school students because this is one of the most pivotal times they first form their opinions about career options.  I believe the biggest influencers outside the home are teachers, classes and hands on programs like STARBASE.  I also believe the STARBASE directors and instructors have been a positive influence on the lives of these children, helping them to see the opportunities available to them when choosing a career in technology.

Thank you for allowing PTC to work with the DoD STARBASE Programs.  It has been a pleasure, and we wish you the best and continued success.



James E. Heppelmann

President and CEO