A Letter from Gus Hargett, Major General, USA (Ret.)

On behalf of the more than 45,000 members of the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) and the nearly 500,000 soldiers and airmen of the National Guard, I am proud to endorse the Department of Defense STARBASE program.

During our 2015 national conference in Nashville, our membership endorsed by resolution the DoD STARBASE program and its continued funding. DoD STARBASE provides elementary students with real-world applications of math and science through experiential learning, simulations, and experiments in aviation and space-related fields.

DoD STARBASE has a proven track record, teaching children how to set and achieve goals, take positive action in their lives, and build strong self-esteem. It provides to thousands of students opportunities, experiences and knowledge in areas that they might never be exposed to otherwise.

Members of the National Guard that serve as volunteers, teachers and mentors in the many DoD STARBASE programs across the country are very proud of the opportunity DoD STARBASE provides them to help children and their communities.

This partnership between our citizen soldiers and airmen and those young students is one strong example of what our country can do for its children. With the use of minimal federal dollars, the results far outweigh the costs. NGAUS will continue to work hard to see that this program gets the support it needs