A Letter from Dr. Jada Pitman

It is with deep gratitude that I thank DoD STARBASE Kelly for the reverberating positive impact they have on thousands of students in Southwest Independent School District (SWISD). Our partnership with DoD STARBASE Kelly started in February 1993 when it was introduced at Sky Harbour Elementary School. Since then, several other campuses within SWISD have participated. Historically, 134 classes have participated in DoD STARBASE Kelly. Each class consists of 25 students, which means the impact is wide and greatly valued, influencing more than 3,350 students.

DoD STARBASE learning is high interest, hands on engagement led by teachers and staff who have genuine interest in leading science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning, inquiry, understanding, and enjoyment. These lessons cannot happen in a regular elementary classroom due to location, experiment possibilities, access to equipment, programs, and personnel (former astronauts, pilots, etc.). Aspirations are ignited for what students want to do and who they want to become as adults.

This year we had a former DoD STARBASE student from 1998 participating with her class. She is a teacher working alongside the DoD STARBASE staff guiding her students and continuing the high impact of a quality STEM program that leaves indelible marks.

DoD STARBASE Kelly continues to change the face and future of our nation through awakening STEM leadership within the young. Our students are pursuing higher education and careers in the sciences. DoD STARBASE Kelly is a spark that ignites motivation, successes, and plans for tomorrow.

On behalf of our students, teachers, and staff, thank you for bringing this quality program to SWISD. We are blessed by many years and many lives this program has molded and improved. Thank you for both your insight and foresight.

It is our greatest hope that we can continue to lead our students into a positive and productive future.