A Letter from Colonel Cassie Barlow

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my great pleasure to share the impact that STARBASE has on our Wright-Patterson Community. As one of the epicenters for research and STEM development, we are in the ideal position to host this wonderful program that has supported more than 10,000 fifth graders since its inception here in 2005. In 2013 alone, STARBASE Wright-Patt hosted more than 2,300 students from eight different schools districts in its program, but the impact only starts in the classroom.

STARBASE provides educational opportunities to teachers in more than eight different school districts. Providing critical insight into the common core and instructional directives required by the state, the STARBASE experience provides a return investment for educators. Teachers bring the wonder of STEM back into their classrooms. They bring engaged and motivated teaching with some of the best engineers and scientists the Department of Defense has to offer and work within exciting new collaborative environments.

STARBASE provides parents an opportunity to see their children develop and thrive, watching ideas take root and flourish. They see success in STARBASE and how STARBASE gives their children the confidence to take science and math as they move forward in their educations, excited about what they can and will be able to do.

Most importantly, STARBASE teaches our children that anything is possible with hands-on experimentation and practical application of scientific methods and ideas. To see the possibilities for the future come alive in the mind of a fifth grader and to have the opportunity to help those dreams develop by catching these students early are key to preparing them for the challenges of the an increasingly STEM-oriented world.

We talk often of legacy in the Air Force and within the Department of Defense. We speak to the value of learning from those who are on the cusp of innovation and take our lead by seeing where their footsteps have been. STARBASE is our field to nurture the great minds that will see us into the future. The opportunity to inspire and mentor starting at this critical age is absolutely invaluable as we look towards our future workforce and the constantly evolving technological world. The ability to learn the history of tomorrow as it is made today is something that cannot be measured, but it's impact is surely felt as we see these same inquisitive children make the difference for our national security, our technology, our health and human services, and in all of those critical areas that must continue to develop as a nation to keep us strong and secure.


Wright-Patterson combines the innovation of research with the challenge of acquisition and STARBASE is the perfect vehicle to bring these qualities together for students throughout the Miami Valley. It's a privilege for us to be part of this phenomenal program.