DoD Leadership Support

A Letter From Brig. Gen. Brod Veillon (Ret), Assistant Adjutant General-Air, Director of Education Programs, Louisiana National Guard

In order to maintain our technological edge as a country and as a military super power, we must continue to develop and guide young people toward science and engineering. Defending our country and protecting our freedom for the future demands that we have people who can design, operate, and maintain the weapons systems of the future. We must have that ability. Our national education system must develop graduates who are on the cutting edge of science, math, and technology.


A core component of the National Guard is our community basing. We live where we grew up and where we now serve. STARBASE allows us to continue that community relationship. STARBASE partnership allows us the opportunity to interact with the local school districts as we assist the staff and teachers with their classroom STEM enrichment activities.


STARBASE, being a Department of Defense program, promotes and furthers our military personnel’s relationship with our local schools and our military instillations. My greatest pleasure is watching our STARBASE instructors open the student’s minds toward studies in math, science, and technology. It is truly a rewarding experience. Every military member who volunteers their time to assist STARBASE comes away with the knowledge that giving back to the community and seeing the students’ excitement for learning makes it a worthy and valuable experience. Our military volunteers come back to STARBASE time and time again. This classroom interaction between members of our uniform services and the students of STARBASE establish a positive, long-lasting impression of those who serve in our military. I’ve always been associated with aviation and it is truly a privilege to continue that association through STARBASE.

After my tour as Wing Commander, I moved to a new job as Special Assistant to the Adjutant General. One of my new responsibilities was to oversee the operation of our Pelican State STARBASE. I was very impressed with the outstanding teaching staff of STARBASE and the level of excitement the students showed toward the classroom STEM activities. I know these activities were laying the foundation for future studies of science, which for some will change their future. I hope all students who have experience STARBASE will choose studies in Math, Science, or Technology. The spark that STARBASE instills in our young people will pay great benefits for our military and our country for many years to come.