Testimonials: DoD Leadership

Since its inception, DoD STARBASE programs in West Virginia have helped to raise the interest and improve the knowledge and skills of students throughout our great state in STEM fields.
A Letter from Major General James A. Hoyer
The Adjutant General of West Virginia
I fully support the Department of Defense efforts to ignite and cultivate STEM interests in the youth of our state and nation - an interest that will help us to meet the demands of the future.
A Letter from Major General Robert E. Livingston, Jr.
The Adjutant General of South Carolina
The DoD STARBASE classroom is unique in that it is centered on hands-on learning. Students are taught lifelong skills by being actively involved in their education.
A Letter from Major General Matthew T. Quinn
The Adjutant General of Montana
The future of our nation’s security and economy depends on our military strength and the education of our youth in STEM career fields to fill critical civilian and military positions.
A Letter from Major General Glenn H. Curtis
LA National Guard
Through this fantastic partnership, we have been able to enhance the learning experience for thousands of young minds
A Letter from Colonel Samuel Curtis
Fort Sill Garrison Commander
We need to raise future leaders for our defense, especially those trained in STEM fields
A Letter from Colonel Stephanie Wilson
Commander, 72nd Air Base Wing
We are proud of the strong partnership between the National Guard and the DoD STARBASE program here in Texas
A Letter from MG John F. Nichols
The Adjutant General of Texas
Put simply, DoD STARBASE inspires children of all educational backgrounds to be excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
A Letter from Major General Courtney P. Carr
The Adjutant General of Indiana
STARBASE strengthens our students' knowledge, builds their confidence, and stimulates excitement by focusing on STEM using a hands-on approach.
A letter from Major General Robbie L. Asher
The Adjutant General of Oklahoma
As a youth, I was fortunate enough to grow up in Huntsville, Alabama where my dad worked on the Saturn V.
A Letter from Gen. John E. Hyten, USAF
Commander, U.S. Strategic Command