Testimonials: Archive

In the past year, the DoD STARBASE staff has exceeded the required 28 weeks of instruction and provided 35 weeks that reached more than 730 students.
Major General Timothy P. Williams,
The Adjutant General of Virginia
Students receive instruction in communication, problem solving, decision making and career goal setting, all of which are essential skills for future success.
Lieutenant General James Jackson,
Chief of Air Force Reserve
STARBASE provides parents an opportunity to see their children develop and thrive, watching ideas take root and flourish.
Colonel Cassie Barlow,
Commander 88th Air Base Wing
Through the DoD STARBASE program, our local youth experience awareness of critical skills needed for the progression of scientific discovery, technology, and innovation.
Major General Glenn Curtis,
The Adjutant General of Louisiana
On behalf of PTC, I am pleased to aanounce tha tthis is our tenth year of partnership with the Department of Defense STARBASE Program.
James Heppelmann,
President and CEO of PTC
Being fortunate enough to be approved for a STARBASE not only offers an enormous educational benefit, but an opportunity for the entire community to participate in a program to improve their quality of life.
L. Scott Martens,
Chairman, STARBASE Savannah Foundation, Inc
DoD STARBASE exposes children to exciting real-world applications of science and math.
Major General Donald P Dunbar,
The Adjutant General at Wisconsin ANG
Fiscal Year 2012 was a year of moving forward for the DoD STARBASE Program. This valued and relevant DoD outreach program is helping to build and enlarge a diverse pool of potential innovative workers needed to support the DoD workforce consisting of civilian and military personnel.
Richard O. Wightman, Jr.,
Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs
The United States Geospatial Intelligence Community is experiencing growing demand for professionals with skills in STEM disciplines, and an insufficient supply of well-educated STEM professionals threatens our nation's ability to maintain the competitive edge required to address the increasing complexity of our national security challenges.
Keith J. Masback,
President, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation
I am a huge advocate of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education -- and I'm really proud that our district can offer such a high quality program that instills a deep interest in this subject matter.
Paula Harris,
President, Board of Education, Houston Independent School District
I’ve always been associated with aviation and it is truly a privilege to continue that association through STARBASE.
Brig. Gen. Brod Veillon (Ret),
Assistant Adjutant General-Air, Director of Education Programs, Louisiana National Guard
By opening young minds through this tremendous educational program, our nation will no doubt make great strides in the years to come. My experience with this program has been extremely positive, and I am encouraged by the enthusiasm I see.
Lt. Gen. Charles E. Stenner Jr. (Ret),
Chief of Air Force Reserve
DoD STARBASE is the exact kind of hands on engineering program that we need today to build that next generation of leaders.
Rear Admiral Thomas Moore,
USN, Program Executive Officer, Aircraft Carriers
The DoD STARBASE is an effective outreach and integrated educational program that continues to enhance the interest of learning STEM among our nation’s youth.
David L. McGinnis,
Former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs