Level III Application
Academies must achieve Level I and II status levels and maintain them for six (6) years before they can be assessed at Level III. Level III requires the development of an activity, or set of activities, that significantly advances the DoD STARBASE program vision and mission. 
Operational and program enhancements, higher-level problem-solving techniques, time-sensitive improvements, and efficiencies in operations could be included in the assessment of Level III activities if they are of significant magnitude. High priority activities are those that promote the welfare and STEM skill/abilities of the student population, demonstrate program sustainability, provide transportability to other locations, and have the ability to be installed and operable within an 18-to-24-month period. The validation of the program’s installation and sustainability, as well as the operational potential for transportability, would be reviewed by the evaluation team for approval by OASD/M&RA.
The TSG Evaluation Team will annually review evaluation records to determine those DoD STARBASE location that are eligible for Level III consideration.  IF a site is determined to be Level III eligible they will be notified by TSG of their eligibility AND invited to apply for Level III. 
Level III applications will be reviewed by the TSG Evaluation Team within the framework of the Level III guidelines.
1. Applications determined to meet Level III criteria will be forwarded to OASD/M&RA for review
2. OASD/M&RA selects programs for Level III site visits
3. TSG Evaluation Team conducts site visit to confirm applicant information
4. TSG Evaluation Team compiles report for OASD/M&RA recommending/not recommending location for Level III
5. OASD/M&RA approves/disapproved award of Level III
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