Woodall Cyber Cats Present Project in Washington

WASHINGTON – On April 13, the Woodall Cyber Cats presented their science, technology, engineering and math classroom concepts to the President Barack Obama as part of the sixth annual White House Science Fair.

More than 100 top STEM students from across the country were a part of the annual event. 

Students making up the team from Woodall School, near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, were Cherokee Nation citizens Ty Brant, 12 and Taylor Wingo, 12, as well as Anthony Maldonado, 13, and Benjamin Woolen, 13.

On the way home, Wingo said she learned so much on her trip. “And the speech Obama gave was inspiring.” 

Wingo, who did the core values for the team, also constructed a board about recycling. 

“Basically, the core values is telling about the team and how we work together. The recycling basically tells what can be recycled and what can’t be recycled. It also talks about the Rio de Janeiro landfill,” Wingo said “It was a phenomenal experience. I learned how to speak better in front of others.” 

Brant said the experience motivated him to try to solve worldly problems such as hunger and cancer. 

As captain on the team, he said his job is to make sure everything is going properly. 

“Currently, I’m making sure everything on the vex (metal robot) and Lego robots are working and reprogramming the Lego because it lost the programs. The vex doesn’t need to be programmed because it is manually controlled by a remote,” he said. 

Maldonado said his motivation was seeing so many intelligent kids in one place at one time. 

“That gives me hope that our generation will fix many problems,” he said. 

Dr. Geary Crofford, science teacher at Woodall, said they talk about many concepts during the competitions, including teamwork, good attitude and optimism.

Woolen said during their project they also discuss the benefits of recycling and explaining more thorough about what the metal robot (vex) and what the Lego robot does.

Crofford said his students are being recognized at the highest level for their knowledge, skills and hard work and he could not be happier or more proud. 

“It also shows Woodall is a school that has a top-flight and a well-rounded educational environment,” he added.


Article courtesy of Jami Murphy and the Cherokee Phoenix.