Local Teacher of the Year Awarded to STARBASE Indiana's Victoria Wilson
STARBASE Indiana Inc. – 
STARBASE Indiana Teacher,
Victoria Wilson (call-sign Beetle), received
Local Air Force Associations Chapter 143,
Teacher of the Year award.
Wilson, having taught grades 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th for two years at STARBASE Indiana-Fort Wayne, was nominated and received the subsequent award for teaching subjects including: nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, navigation data analysis, geometry, Newton’s Law of Motion, rocketry, 3D computer aided design, modeling with PTC Creo, electrical circuits, coordinate pairs, latitude, longitude, Lego robotics, CSI forensics, and many team activities relating to the Engineering Design Process. 
“My favorite part of teaching at STARBASE is the way the curriculum inspires all students to learn,” Wilson said. “I believe every child has the capacity to achieve great things, but sometimes they just need some help finding a different way to get there.”
Since opening its doors on February 14, 2011, STARBASE Indiana has been filled to capacity with well over 10,000 graduates. Two additional locations throughout the state are open and running to capacity in Indianapolis and South Bend. A new academy is also set to open next year in Gary. The STARBASE Indiana vision is to raise students’ awareness in STEM and improve their knowledge and skills in these areas. 
Pre and Post Testing of students participating in programming at STARBASE reveals a remarkable improvement in the student STEM knowledge. Among STARBASE Indiana locations in the 2016-2017 school year, student averaged over 89% improvement from pre to post test. According to Executive Director, Dr. Scott Liebhauser, “Students typically enter STARBASE with low enthusiasm for STEM subjects and having been taught experientially with enthusiasm from energetic professionals like Victoria, they graduate with an excitement that flows into their future studies.”
STARBASE Indiana is unique in that it exceeds state and national curriculum standards while providing opportunities for advanced STEM applications. It offers students amazing prospects to explore areas of STEM that can’t necessarily be offered in the school classroom. 
This success is exemplified by overwhelming positive feedback from school teachers, principals, and parents who want to ensure their students will embrace future careers in STEM. “Victoria brings a great combination of passion and subject matter expertise while engaging in some pretty challenging subjects,” said Liebhauser.“It’s easy to see why she would be selected!”
Wilson was awarded the Teacher of the Year award on September 30, 2017, while attending the Chapter 143 Air Force Association Annual Banquet, celebrating the Air Force’s 70th birthday. The event featured guest speaker Brig. General Jeffery W. Hauser, Assistant Adjutant General (Air), Indiana National Guard.