Governor Edwards (LA) Visits STARBASE LA 2.0 Program
Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards created a Cyber Security Commission and visited two programs in related fields at Parkway High School on Thursday.
Parkway is the home of the Cyber Patriot program, which caught Gov. Edwards' eye. According to a news release, the program is a "perfect" model to set the Cyber Security Commission into Motion. 
The governor spoke just before 11 a.m. on the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields and signed an executive order creating the statewide Cyber Security Commission.
The commission will have about 15 members and they work with state agencies, the federal government, the military, private companies, etc.  It will work to identify cyber risk, enhance emergency responses and other cyber security related things.
The commission would allow the state to do more when it comes to Louisiana's cyber security and make more opportunities in the field. 
Those opportunities the coach for Parkway's Cyber Patriot team Sgt. Robert O'Brien says are important to his students. "It's really great for them, cause they get to see that their hard work is being recognized by a high official, the governor. and so they're really excited about the tasks force," said Sgt. O'Brien. 
Posted Demeber 2017