Ellyn Dunford Visits STARBASE North Dakota


STARBASE North Dakota, had the opportunity to be visited by Ellyn Dunford, the spouse of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This was her first time at a DoD STARBASE location. She was accompanied by Minot Air Force Base commander spouses, Mrs. Brooks, (spouse of Col. Brooks, Bomb Wing Commander) and Mrs. Conner (spouse of Col. Conner, Missile Wing Commander).

While visiting STARBASE North Dakota, Mrs. Dunford was very engaged and eager to learn about the program. She was also able to speak with one of the program's participating teachers and share her opinion and excitement for the curriculum. Some of the activities Mrs. Dunford enjoyed observing include Robotics, Tornado Tubes, Straw Rockets, Computer Aided Design, Eggbert, Trebuchets, and Circuit Board Geometry.


Published January 2017