Congressman Tom Emmer Visits STARBASE Minnesota


Accompanied by State Representative Bob Dettmer, Congressman Tom Emmer visited STARBASE Minnesota one snowy day in January, appearing to have just as much fun as the students, who were in the throes of designing solutions to some intriguing engineering problems they needed to solve.  After seeing students so actively engaged in the NanoRobotics, Engineering Design, Future Flight, Rockets, Deep Space and Mars Colony classrooms, Congressman Emmer became a big advocate for the kind of STEM education he saw going on at STARBASE, and joined the STARBASE Caucus to help ensure the DoD STARBASE program not only thrives but expands and grows.  “STEM-based skills are becoming increasingly important to the future of our country,” Congressman Emmer said.  “STARBASE helps students think creatively and innovatively, and I see that the students are leaving here with skills and tools necessary for their future success.”  Upon conclusion of his tour of the classrooms, Congressman Emmer told the students that he hoped that the passion and drive for learning that he saw at STARBASE continues on so they can walk through the many doors that these skills will open for them.


Posted March 2017