Featured Director - Jon Herrera

CW2 Jon Herrera has served as Director of the STARBASE Sacramento program since August 2017. He is passionate about the impact quality STEM experiences have on youth, and he is dedicated to providing an environment that fosters positive and inspirational STEM experiences for students.

Chief Herrera brings a wealth of military and civilian experience to STARBASE Sacramento. He holds a Bachelors  of Science degree in Small Business administration and leverages several years of experience in federal fund and training management. He has experience in many aspects of aviation including flight, maintenance, fundamentals of instruction, and specialty engineering, which translate seamlessly to the instruction of STEM based curriculum at the core of the STARBASE program.

Chief Herrera works closely with DoD STARBASE program managers to improve operations for STARBASE Sacramento. He is also heavily involved in outreach to local STEM associated businesses to facilitate mentorships, guest speakers, and political advocates for the program. He is committed to continually developing and improving the program’s curriculum and educational materials, often manufacturing components of the lesson materials himself. He is fortunate to work with a team of incredible educators and office personnel who contribute immensely to the program’s success.

In addition to his position as STARBASE director, Chief Herrera is a UH-60 Medevac pilot and aviation mission survivability officer for the California Army National Guard. As a pilot, he has participated in numerous search and rescue and firefighting missions for the state. In his spare time, Chief Herrera enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, working on his project car, and traveling.


Posted August 2018

CW2 Jon Herrera