What Students Are Saying

You guys made all of the boring processes FUN! And you taught us hard things in 5 minutes because you made the process so simple!
Taco Unipug - Student at STARBASE Connceticut - Windsor Locks
Windsor Locks, CT
"Normally, in class we just read books when we are learning about Science but not in STARBASE" We actually get to touch stuff!"
Student at STARBASE - Dakota
Sioux Falls, SD
After STARBASE I want to ask more questions like 'how is it doing that?', 'where did that come from?' and figuring things out.
Jessica, Student at STARBASE - Minnesota
St. Paul, MN
Being a girl, people didn’t think I should love science.
Student at STARBASE - Atlantis Pittsburgh,
Pittsburgh, PA
I liked learning about the Buckyballs. Who knew that such little things could do such big things?
Student at STARBASE Oklahoma - Tulsa,
Tulsa, OK
My favorite thing about STARBASE is that it is not boring. You can have fun while you work!
STARBASE Hawaii, Big Island
Keaau, HI
Before I went to STARBASE, I felt like I wasn’t good at S.T.E.M., but when I was done I felt like a genius at it.
STARBASE Louisiana,
Barksdale AFB, LA
My favorite thing in STARBASE was getting to protect Eggbert on his flight to the moon.
STARBASE North Carolina,
Charlotte, NC
The experience was unbelievable. I learned so much; so much that I’m teaching my dad and mom!
STARBASE Oklahoma,
Tulsa, OK
I never worked as a team in my life like this before, and when I used to work as a team, I was selfish. But now, I learned about how a real team works. Teamwork made my job easier.
STARBASE Connecticut,
Hartford, CT