What Parents Are Saying

"My son who is very intelligent, but super quiet, has not stopped talking about all the activities that you have done and the science behind those activities"
Tina McCarthy
Waterbury, CT
My son has not stopped talking about what he is doing each day…It is so rewarding to see the excitement in his eyes because of this amazing experience.
Michele DiGiovine
Marietta, GA
This experience opened my son’s eyes to the possibilities of career choices for what he loves.
Shannon Brzenski,
Parent of student at Texas STARBASE Houston
With local school budgets increasingly stressed and limited enrichment available to students most in need, STARBASE is a critical resource for the region that brings two different worlds together to solve ‘impossible’ problems and dream ‘impossible’ dreams.
Parent of student at STARBASE Wright-Patt,
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
My daughter has always been interested in math and science, but STARBASE has shown her a more advanced math and science in which she enjoys the challenges.
Parent from STARBASE-Atlantis Mississippi-Choctaw,
Choctaw, MS
I wanted to tell you that Derek is having the best time this week. I am starting to think that his career will be in engineering.
Parent from STARBASE Winchester,
Winchester, VA
Sessler was super-excited to go every day and is still talking about all of his new experiences and information he learned.
Parent from Evergreen STARBASE,
McChord, WA
I’m not sure how this program is funded, but I hope it is continued. It is well worth the cost, whatever it is. To have something that engages children in math, science, and technology in such an interesting and fun atmosphere is invaluable.
Parent from STARBASE Battle Creek,
Battle Creek, MI
This is a great opportunity for kids to learn in an interactive hands-on environment. It gives them a much different learning experience than their classrooms allow. Thank you for doing this and for all your hard work.
Parent from STARBASE Nebraska,
Lincoln, NE
I felt the program opened up a new part of his brain, like a breath of fresh air filled with possibilities.
Parent from STARBASE Minnesota,
St. Paul, MN