What NGOs Are Saying

I would most highly like to commend the STARBASE Indiana - Indianapolis team for their tireless efforts to work with our companies training team and Exhibition staff so that the students are quickly processed in through security and are good representatives of their school while inside our classroom and business facilities
D.B. Newill,
President Rollas-Royce Heritage Trust, Allison Branch, Inc., Indiana
I'm tremendously appreciative for the help of STARBASE Director Denise Kortes and I'm proud of our role in connecting the children of our community to science and technology education.
Phil Stenstrom,
Aviation Noise Program Manager, Oregon
DoD STARBASE has a proven track record, teaching children how to set and achieve goals, take positive action in their lives, and build strong self-esteem.
Gus Harget, Major General, USA, (Ret.),
President of the National Guard Association of the United States
DoD STARBASE is a program that hopefully would light a fire in the hearts and minds of the 5th grade students that took part in it. It could show them how science, technology, engineering and math were applicable in the everyday world.
L. John MacMartin,
President of Minot Area Chamber of Commerce, North Dakota
DoD STARBASE Minnesota’s teaching staff is outstanding at presenting the hands-on curriculum with enthusiasm and skill.
Shirin Saadat,
Technical Director, Construction & Home Improvement Markets, 3M
More than 25 percent of our workforce is in STEM roles, and many of the positions that currently do not require specific STEM skills are rapidly changing and requiring more STEM capabilities.
Larry Flynn,
President of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
On behalf of PTC, I am pleased to aanounce tha tthis is our tenth year of partnership with the Department of Defense STARBASE Program.
James Heppelmann,
President and CEO of PTC
Being fortunate enough to be approved for a STARBASE not only offers an enormous educational benefit, but an opportunity for the entire community to participate in a program to improve their quality of life.
L. Scott Martens,
Chairman, STARBASE Savannah Foundation, Inc
The United States Geospatial Intelligence Community is experiencing growing demand for professionals with skills in STEM disciplines, and an insufficient supply of well-educated STEM professionals threatens our nation's ability to maintain the competitive edge required to address the increasing complexity of our national security challenges.
Keith J. Masback,
President, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation
As an engineer in the energy industry for over twenty years, I am a huge advocate of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education -- and I'm really proud that our district can offer such a high quality program that instills a deep interest in this subject matter.
Paula Harris,
President, Board of Education, Houston Independent School District