What People Are Saying

My experience at DoD STARBASE was a catalyst into my fascination with science and the world of physics
Evie Tompkins - Safety Engineer, Kennedy Space Center
What I learned back in 5th grade at DoD STARBASE stands out as foundation for the experience I use daily
Scott Lee
U.S. Coast Guard
In my life’s educational experiences, I always see the DoD STARBASE program as a significant plank in my foundation
Westin Giles - U.S. Navy
I still look back at my time at DoD STARBASE as a profound moment that helped put me on the path I am on today
Emily Arnold - University of Kansas
Wichita, KS
I would most highly like to commend the STARBASE Indiana - Indianapolis team for their tireless efforts to work with our companies training team and Exhibition staff so that the students are quickly processed in through security and are good representatives of their school while inside our classroom and business facilities
D.B. Newill,
President Rollas-Royce Heritage Trust, Allison Branch, Inc., Indiana
I'm tremendously appreciative for the help of STARBASE Director Denise Kortes and I'm proud of our role in connecting the children of our community to science and technology education.
Phil Stenstrom,
Aviation Noise Program Manager, Oregon
You guys made all of the boring processes FUN! And you taught us hard things in 5 minutes because you made the process so simple!
Taco Unipug - Student at STARBASE Connceticut - Windsor Locks
Windsor Locks, CT
"Normally, in class we just read books when we are learning about Science but not in STARBASE" We actually get to touch stuff!"
Student at STARBASE - Dakota
Sioux Falls, SD
After STARBASE I want to ask more questions like 'how is it doing that?', 'where did that come from?' and figuring things out.
Jessica, Student at STARBASE - Minnesota
St. Paul, MN
“I had pretty high expectations for the program... but I could not have anticipated the high quality of our experience.”
Teacher at STARBASE Minnesota
"My son who is very intelligent, but super quiet, has not stopped talking about all the activities that you have done and the science behind those activities"
Tina McCarthy
Waterbury, CT
“DoD STARBASE is a wonderful experience for my students; it provides them the opportunity to learn about STEM in a fun, hands-on environment."
Stacey Brandes
Teacher at STARBASE Vermont - Burlington
My son has not stopped talking about what he is doing each day…It is so rewarding to see the excitement in his eyes because of this amazing experience.
Michele DiGiovine
Marietta, GA
“[STARBASE is] a group of people who value and respect a child’s natural curiosity. This program guides children through constructive discovery and inquiry….”
Connie McWorther
Teacher at STARBASE Los Alamitos
DoD STARBASE has a proven track record, teaching children how to set and achieve goals, take positive action in their lives, and build strong self-esteem.
Gus Harget, Major General, USA, (Ret.),
President of the National Guard Association of the United States
DoD STARBASE learning is high interest, hands on engagement led by teachers and staff who have genuine interest in leading science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning, inquiry, understanding, and enjoyment.
Dr. Jada Pitman,
Executive Director Student & Outreach Services, Southwest Independent School District
In the past year, the DoD STARBASE staff has exceeded the required 28 weeks of instruction and provided 35 weeks that reached more than 730 students.
Major General Timothy P. Williams,
The Adjutant General of Virginia
DoD STARBASE is a program that hopefully would light a fire in the hearts and minds of the 5th grade students that took part in it. It could show them how science, technology, engineering and math were applicable in the everyday world.
L. John MacMartin,
President of Minot Area Chamber of Commerce, North Dakota
Students receive instruction in communication, problem solving, decision making and career goal setting, all of which are essential skills for future success.
Lieutenant General James Jackson,
Chief of Air Force Reserve
The DoD STARBASE program provides our teachers the opportunity to observe students engaged in higher-level thinking.
Karen Cooksey,
Principal at Pat Henry Elementary
Our students have attended the program since 2007 and I can attest to the value of the experience via feedback we receive from both teachers and students.
Melissa Gavarrino,
Secondary Supervisor of Science, East Hartford Public Schools
The hands-on activities gave them a new perspective of how science worked.
Hedaayah Abdol, Teacher participating at STARBASE Jackson Barracks,
New Orleans, LA
Concepts come to life because of all of the hands-on experiences.
Ms. Caldwell, Teacher participating at STARBASE Charlotte,
Charlotte, NC
Being a girl, people didn’t think I should love science.
Student at STARBASE - Atlantis Pittsburgh,
Pittsburgh, PA
I liked learning about the Buckyballs. Who knew that such little things could do such big things?
Student at STARBASE Oklahoma - Tulsa,
Tulsa, OK